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Oleg Barabash: Technical Staff

Latest Publications

  • Sharpee, T. O. Optimizing neural information capacity through discretization, Neuron, 94(5) 954-960, 2017
  • Rowekamp, R. J. Sharpee, T. O. Cross-orientation suppression in visual area V2, Nat Commun, 8:15739, 2017
  • Sharpee, T. O. Plasticity to the rescue, Neuron, 92(5): 935-936, 2016
  • Kuczala, A. Sharpee, T. O. Eigenvalue spectra of large correlated random matrices, Physical Review E, 2016 PMCID:PMC5161118 [Available on 2017-11-17] (PDF)
  • Sharpee, T. O. How invariant feature selectivity is achieved in cortex, Front Synaptic Neurosci., 23:8:26, 2016 PMCID:PMC4993779
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