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Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Students

  • Johnatan Aljadeff

    Yonatan Aljadeff

    Random matrix theory approaches for neural network dynamics and for feature selectivity characterization methods.

  • Andrew Briggs

    Andrew Briggs

    Invariant recognition: learning machines for understanding the manifold representation of data

  • Adam Calhoun

    Adam Calhoun

    Theoretical and neural mechanisms of search behavior

  • Jeffrey Fitzgerald

    Jeffrey Fitzgerald

    Characterizing neural computations with maximum noise entropy

  • James M. Jeanne

    James M. Jeanne

    Influence of learning on cortical encoding of natural auditory signals

  • Alfred Kaye

    Alfred Kaye

    Using two photon calcium imaging and theory to study symmetries in the neural representation of visual motion

  • Sebastien Tawa

    Sebastien Tawa

    Neuro-Mechanisms of Visual Processing of Natural Stimuli

Research Assistant